Success Stories

  • Collaboration leads to fast, visual door hardware specifications

    Spencer Sear, AIA, director of technology and senior project architect with OTJ Architects

    There’s no question that accurate and complete door hardware specifications are essential to any project. To get there, a considerable amount of information must be shared, resulting in what is often a long process with multiple files passed back and forth between the architect and specification writer. On top of that, important project details—floorplans, hardware sets, notes from a client meeting—are frequently accessible in different places... Read More

  • Streamlined specifications

    Brad Brown, BIM manager and architect for BSA LifeStructures

    Brad Brown is BIM manager and architect for BSA LifeStructures in Indianapolis, Ind. He’s been in the industry for 15 years and has consulted on around a hundred specification projects. For Brown, one of the biggest frustrations during the door hardware specification process is door renumbering... Read More

  • Cloud collaboration improves visibility during hardware specifications

    John Hamilton, project coordinator at Allegion

    It’s common for the hardware specification process to seem disjointed. Consider all the information that must be exchanged. On top of that, there are multiple collaborators that need to be included to ensure the project is moving along the way everyone intended. Miscommunication and lack of visibility often slow down what should ideally be acollaborative process... Read More

  • The key to more efficient specifications

    Rachel York, Allegion specification consultant

    Rachel York has been in the door hardware industry for 17 years. Currently a specification consultant for Allegion, she’s collaborated on more than 300 specifications and, therefore, seen the challenges that arise when there are gaps in communication... Read More

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