Connect People & Data Throughout Your Project


Features that Orchestrate Success

Design Together

Collaborate in real time, view plans, write specifications, assign hardware and key systems, and conduct coordination meetings

Coordinate Construction

Conduct Division 28 & key system design meetings, compare specification to submittal


Operate with Efficiency

View, filter and update build information with stored drawings, notes and notifications  


No Software Required

We don’t care where your drawing comes from – BIM, CAD or napkin sketch


Overtur Mobile  

Conduct live site surveys, track installation status,  perform post install inspection, and access as-built data on the go


Flexible to Your Process

Works with any project type, Revit Plugin that does not impact your BIM model, adaptable to your process

Access Opening Data for Efficient Service

Know as-built opening data before you service an opening

Simplified Data Management

View and store plans, share and filter data, and track changes  

Quick Estimations

Estimate net price, select product, and place orders using Estimate & Order



Door Opening Coordination for All

Overtur is the digital environment for the design, construction and management of openings, helping designers, estimators, general contractors, building owners, and more, stay connected, updated, and coordinated. 

Be more efficient and effective with Overtur.

Flexible, Inclusive & Simple

Allegion doesn't get in the way of how you work. We work within your process to facilitate teamwork across all project members and stakeholders. Though simplified data management, we take disparate information, consolidate it and display it in an easy to review format.



Looking for improved collaboration, coordination, and productivity when managing the details of your openings? 

Overtur is the digital collaboration space connecting all building stages in opening design, construction, and ongoing management. It provides all partners a common view of the data throughout the lifecycle to make the opening the easiest part of building management. 


Customer Testimonials

"Overtur simplifies the documentation between trades."

-F. Patrick Mahoney, Aptura 


Solutions Made Easy

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Our cloud-based suite of tools supports a wide array of environments, including schools, health care facilities, university campuses, residential complexes, government structures, and more.

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By Role

Access our innovative, collaborative software solution tailored to meet a variety of needs for door security and openings.

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By Stage

No matter what stage of the build process, whether it be design, construction, or ongoing facility operations, Overtur provides a centralized place to collaborate.

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Optimize collaboration and productivity on the specifications and security design of door hardware and openings with Allegion's Overtur cloud-based tools.


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In turn, we pass those advantages on to you.

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