At the outset of every new facility, refurbishment, or improvement project for an existing building, the design phase is initiated. This phase involves the meticulous planning of how the project will be executed to meet requirements, codes, and standards. Although the design phase typically accounts for only three percent of the lifespan of a building, it lays the foundation for the years to come.

Each room serves a specific function, which in turn determines the type of opening and product that should be installed. Numerous parties are involved in making these decisions and ensuring desired outcomes. Each opening represents a design project, necessitating effective communication, coordination, and ultimate decisions.

Overtur offers a unified cloud-based platform during the design phase, providing access to the history of each decision throughout the opening life cycle. It provides capabilities for all project team members, including the design team working on new facilities, building owners who can provide comments on project requirements, integrators working on access control, and vendors and manufacturers of products who can offer consultative advice.

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Using Overtur is as easy as a browser and a login.

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Overtur brings all the disparate information together in one place.

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Overtur empowers the team to upload the building plans and schedule information via the web interface or through a plugin to Autodesk Revit.


I was going to try to ask questions about Overtur that will stump Allegion, because everything we've asked for, it does!

- Daniel Potash – arcDESIGN | Architecture + Interiors | Indianapolis, IN






Overtur offers the design phase stakeholders a user-friendly and cloud-based platform to access opening information. Teams can swiftly and efficiently authorize access, enabling users to contribute and document their expertise throughout the life cycle of the opening.


Overtur Brings Project Team Members Together to Collaborate in a Single Environment

Allegion's Overtur offers a cloud-based platform for project teams to collaborate seamlessly on door security and openings, from specification to construction. It serves as a centralized hub for capturing, managing, and validating door hardware requirements and choices.

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Overtur is designed to enhance productivity, shortening the specification cycle and reducing errors.



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