Openings consultants possess a distinct skillset within the building industry. They provide valuable consulting services to the community regarding mechanical and electrical access control hardware, including the development and publication of project specifications. Openings consultants are involved throughout the submittal process, ensuring compliance with standards and evaluating substitution requests. They can also assist with the punch process during project handover or conduct surveys of existing conditions at the project onset. Given the uniqueness of their skillset, it is essential to have a dedicated platform that can effectively handle these responsibilities.

Overtur seamlessly integrates the opening information with the corresponding product details and presents it in the context of the door and room. The platform allows for easy configuration and addition of products. Comments are linked to the project throughout its lifecycle, enabling others involved in the openings journey to understand the rationale behind decisions. Additionally, connected mobile tools ensure that field tasks are synchronized with the project.

Opening Consultant Solutions
Field tools


Using Overtur is as easy as a browser and a login.

data retrieval


Overtur uses PDF drawings information from any type of design software: BIM, CAD, even a napkin sketch.

consolidation icon


Overtur brings all the disparate information together in one place.

reports icon


A powerful engine with multiple reports available, including published specifications, hardware and opening reports, electronic access control reports and many more.





Overtur offers the opening consultant a unified source and platform for opening data. By consolidating the opening information and hardware details in context with the facility, the opening consultant gains access to a single platform for creating products, associating them with openings, reviewing and commenting, generating reports, and facilitating turnover to other project members


Overtur Brings Project Team Members Together to Collaborate in a Single Environment

Allegion's Overtur offers a cloud-based platform for project teams to collaborate seamlessly on door security and openings, from specification to construction. It serves as a centralized hub for capturing, managing, and validating door hardware requirements and choices.

Did You Know?

Allegion collaborated with architects and specification consultants to create Overtur for the design and specification of door hardware. Overtur was designed by architects for architects.



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