Designers require timely communication and data transfer to their targeted audience. The ability to review plans, schedules, and hardware sets with change management are critical processes. Overtur delivers value to the designer by simplifying the project design and review process. It leverages a self-service process, providing the designer with powerful tools for organizing and retrieving relevant data and tracking changes throughout the project lifecycle.

In addition, design teams are security-conscious and require BIM tool versatility. Overtur delivers on both points via the Overtur Revit plugin. The plugin does not impact the architect's model, only sending data as needed. The data process is the architect's choice of when to send it – not a constant push and pull. The Overtur platform is secure only allowing invitees into project data and SOC 2 compliant.

Overtur's scalable cloud-based structure allows for any type of project of any size. From a one-opening project on a paper sketch to a 10,000 opening project housed in multiple building information models. The software offers a straightforward collaboration process, ensuring any project team member can invite any professional needed on the team, including the building owner, general contractor, security consultant, or any other person needing access.

Security Consultant Solutions
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Using Overtur is as easy as a browser and a login.

data retrieval


Overtur uses PDF drawings information from any type of design software: BIM, CAD, even a napkin sketch.

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Overtur brings all the disparate information together in one place.





Overtur offers the Design team a user-friendly and cloud-based platform to access opening information. Teams can swiftly and efficiently authorize access, enabling users to contribute and document their expertise throughout the opening lifecycle.


Overtur Brings Project Team Members Together to Collaborate in a Single Environment

Allegion's Overtur offers a cloud-based platform for project teams to collaborate seamlessly on door security and openings, from specification to construction. It serves as a centralized hub for capturing, managing, and validating door hardware requirements and choices.


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