At the core of each opening lies the contract hardware dealer (CHD), the stakeholder responsible for delivering the procured product to the project. Their responsibilities also involve collaborating with others to stage the hardware and potentially providing installation services.

By utilizing Overtur, CHDs gain clarity to ensure that each aspect of the opening fulfills the design requirements and the needs of the facility owner.  A CHD team member can download the specification data from Overtur to use as a starting point for the detailing process.  They can also effortlessly invite all stakeholders to the project, ensuring everyone is synchronized when tracking each step of installation, punch, and sign-off for each opening. Once the project is completed, it can be turned over to the building owner, who can utilize the data for life cycle requirements.

The Overtur platform also includes Overtur Estimate and Order, enabling authorized distributors to create estimates that can be collaboratively reviewed by Allegion quoting staff, facilitating the progression of information into a quote and then order.  Additionally, Estimate and Order includes electronic lock configuration reports, which can be shared with integrators and other installation staff.

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Data Retrieval

Use Overtur to quickly find information on existing and new openings.


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Overtur provides the construction team a view into all ongoing projects.



Field Tools

Site survey, installation, and punch provide task-specific access to openings information with mobile devices.



Overtur provides the contract hardware dealer capabilities to use in both the job office and on site.  Web viewing provides a single source for all stakeholders to understand and collaborate on requirements. Mobile tools for tracking and managing opening status, along with a robust change management process, provide value to every job.


Overtur Brings Project Team Members Together to Collaborate in a Single Environment

Allegion's Overtur offers a cloud-based platform for project teams to collaborate seamlessly on door security and openings, from specification to construction. It serves as a centralized hub for capturing, managing, and validating door hardware requirements and choices.

Did You Know?

Allegion collaborated with architects and specification consultants to create Overtur for the design and specification of door hardware. Overtur was designed by architects for architects.



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